Selected Publications

I have written, edited or co-edited three books:
Imagining the Afterlife in the Ancient World
Dreams and Dreaming in the Roman Empire: Cultural Memory and Imagination
Memory and Urban Religion in the Ancient World (with Martin Bommas and Phoebe Roy)

The list below contains selected articles I've written which are freely available to view online.

Fantastical History: Dreams in The Roman Mysteries
Shipping in Plato's Symposium
Gladiatorial Combat in The Hunger Games
Dico, dico, dico: Latin in Popular Culture
The Domestication of Classical Mythology in the Chronicles of Narnia
The Classical Greek Practice of Incubation and some Near Eastern Predecessors (currently unpublished paper available to view on 
Teaching Myth

You can read my PhD thesis, Cultural Memory and Imagination: Dreams and Dreaming in the Roman Empire, online. However, I have since written up the significant parts of the thesis as a monograph, which includes some expanded material, particularly on the academic debate surrounding ancient 'belief', so for a more up-to-date (and better written) version, you need the book, Dreams and Dreaming in the Roman Empire.

Reviews and Reports
Review article: Greek Mythology
Classical Association Conference 2008 Report
Harris, Dreams and Experience in Classical Antiquity
Taylor, Classics and the Bible

Non-Academic Publications

At Billie Doux
Star Trek Voyager reviews
The West Wing reviews

Totally Accurate Predictions for who will live and who will die in A Song of Ice and Fire

I write all sorts of other bits and pieces for Doux Reviews - you can see a more comprehensive list under my tag

At Den of Geek
Most of my articles on TV and film for Den of Geek are listed at my author page

At Sound on Sight
Ten Films to Watch Now That Harry Potter's Finished
Portrayals of Nazis on Film
Six Best Films Based on a Television Series
You Look A Bit Familiar... Five Most Effective Actor Allusions
Busting an old wives' tale: Are odd-numbered Star Trek movies really that bad?
Aesop's Movie Fables 
Five Films that Blur the Line Between Fantasy and Reality

At Discworld Monthly
The Discworld Mohs Scale of Fantasy Hardness, Part 1
The Discworld Mohs Scale of Fantasy Hardness, Part 2
The Seven Ages of Discworld

Guest Posts
How my training in Classics helps my work as a journalist (Classical Association)
Review of The Case of the Deadly Desperados (Fantastic Reads)
Review of The Case of the Good-Looking Corpse (Fantastic Reads)
Top Ten Classical Performances (Classical Association)
Muses and Memory (Three Pipe Problem)
Walking around Cadair Idris Pt 1 (Criss Crossing the Globe)
Walking around Cadair Idris Pt 2 (Criss Crossing the Globe)

More random bits of me!
About Me at Billie Doux
My (old) desk featured in The Drawing Board's On Your Desk series
A Shared Interest in History (flash fiction)
The Value of Archaeology (flash fiction)
Interview with me at Three Pipe Problem