Atlantis is the story of Jason, a man brought up in our world but born in another, as he tries to find out what happened to his parents in the not-quite-so-lost-as-previously-imagined city of Atlantis. Helping him are his friends Pythagoras (yes, that Pythagoras) and Hercules, though this Hercules may not be quite as you imagined him...

Season One
1.01 The Earth Bull
1.02 A Girl by Any Other Name
1.03 A Boy of No Consequence
1.04 Twist of Fate
1.05 White Lies
1.06 The Song of the Sirens
1.07 The Rules of Engagement
1.08 The Furies
1.09 Pandora's Box
1.10 The Price of Hope
1.11 Hunger Pangs
1.12 Touched by the Gods, Part One
1.13 Touched by the Gods, Part Two

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