Thursday, 30 July 2009

A Quick Update

Apologies for the lack of posts this week - I'm still slogging away at a final (well, sort of final) draft of my thesis, which I will hopefully be sending to my supervisor tomorrow.

I'm currently part way in to The Pirates of Pompeii (one of the Roman Mysteries series) which has so far made me both laugh and cry within the first four chapters, so that's looking good! I've also dispatched my brother to see if he can get hold of the pilot of Xena: Warrior Princess for me. I've never seen the show and have no real idea what it's like or even what it's about, except it stars two scantily clad women whose characters may or may not be having an affair with each other. (I haven't seen Hercules: The Legendary Journeys either, but Xena sounded more fun).

I've also just booked a short holiday in Split, Croatia, which should fall in between thesis submission and my viva. I've been desperate to see Diocletian's Palace and the aqueduct for years, so hopefully it will all work out. I'd love to take a book set in Roman Split/Dalmatia with me - can anyone recommend a good one?!

Right, back to work, and to staring at the weather hoping it improves before my friends' wedding next Wednesday...

My desk. Where I work. Except I usually work at the study room at uni, but needed to be near the good coffee today.


  1. a) Yay for final draft!!

    b) Split looks *very* cool. I have been working on it again recently, and will expect a postcard!

    c) I am going out this weekend to buy a warmer shawl. I predict it will not be strapless dress weather :(

  2. I have a tiny tiny summer shrug that I am determined to wear... I'm wondering if I can put a thicker cardigan over the top of it, with a coat over the top of that... or maybe I can borrow a purple pashmina from Laura...

  3. Since you have asked about ideas on books for your holidays in Croatia, take a look at the book of a good friend of mine

    Also, her blog

    I am sure Judith will become your favourite author too. It sooms you have got lots in common.


  4. If you're looking for Xena stuff, ask Gideon. I seem to remember he bought the entire series recently under the pretence that it had something to do with research..

  5. Lol! I may have to see if he will lend it...


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