Friday, 29 April 2011

Update and A Wedding

There won't be a full, regular post from me today, I'm afraid, as I'm completely slammed with work (an unfortunate combination of deadlines appearing around Easter, a time at which it seems I'm the only classicist I know who needs three days out to go to church, and things that can't be predicted and have to be done straight away, like job applications and interview prep).

However, as you're all aware, there was a bit of an event in the UK today, which I've had on TV in the background as I sit at my computer. Since this was a High Church service, we got a bit of Latin in the singing! (High Anglican services are extremely similar to Catholic services, though I noted that this was a short-ish wedding service - all the Catholic weddings I've been to have been full Masses plus the wedding and take forever).

According to the official website, this was the piece:

The Anthem will be followed by the Motet ‘Ubi caritas’ by Paul Mealor, a Welsh composer, who is currently Reader in Composition at The University of Aberdeen.

Mr. Mealor’s composing studio is on the Isle of Anglesey, where Prince William and Miss Middleton live. This version of ‘Ubi caritas’ was written on Anglesey and premiered at the University of St. Andrews in November 2010.

Ubi caritas et amor, deus ibi est means 'Wherever there is peace and love, God is there.' There's a really nice Taize setting for it that we sang in church last Thursday and it's one of my favourite short refrains (because it's so nice!).

I was disappointed to see that no subtitles were provided for the Latin. I suppose the directors didn't want to spoil their pretty picture, but I thought it would have been nice to let the viewers know what, exactly, the choir was singing. (I don't know whether the commentators explained it or not, because I was concentrating on my work and not listening to them!).

On a non-Classics note, the bride's dress was completely gorgeous and I want one. Lovely.

Well, Prince William has broken my heart by not marrying me (and boy am I ever kicking myself for choosing the University of Birmingham over St Andrews) but I hope they have a very happy life together, and I hope my friends' weddings later this year go just as well!

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