Marking Season Part Deux

Hello everyone.

I'm still marking.

If I ever finish the marking (though at the moment I'm increasingly convinced I'm trapped in some kind of eternal marking purgatory) I will be writing an abstract on the underworld in film and a paper on gladiatorial combats. So, in order to get all my resources lined up for my own benefit if nothing else, please enjoy these underworld/gladiatorial highlights from the archives.

The Underworld
The Lord of the Rings
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Top Five Gladiatorial Combats
Star Trek: Bread and Circuses
Star Trek: The Gamesters of Triskelion
The Hunger Games (books)
The Hunger Games (film)
Main Spartacus: Blood and Sand page

There are many more posts I could add that talk about gladiators, but I do actually have to get back to the marking now!


  1. Eternal marking purgatory? Maybe you could persuade Sisyphus to swap for a couple of centuries.

  2. The Underworld in film: See if you can get your hands on the 4-hour TV-movie version of The Odyssey from the late 90s starring Armand Assante. The Underworld scene is... different. Balls of fire raining from the sky and so on. Otherwise generally well done, but that interpretation was strangely out of place.

  3. @DmX Oooh, I have that but I haven't watched it yet, I'll make sure to check it out. Thanks!

    @RWMG If the Greeks had invented the concept of undergraduate exams, that's what Sisyphus would have been doing!

  4. I hope you're at least allowing yourself the luxury of a nice fountain pen with a particularly virulent shade of crimson ink. and not some nasty biro or felt tip! Good luck!

  5. We're not supposed to use red any more, apparently it upsets the little darlings. Since this rule applies across the whole sector from primary to postgrad, we're essentially raising a generation who are put off by the colour green...

  6. We're still allowed to use red while marking.

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