Late and not at all lamented series about 'archaeologists' from the BBC. I've put the word 'archaeologists' in inverted commas, because I think Indiana Jones might actually be closer to real archaeology than this lot. At least he gives a lecture occasionally.

Army of God
The Eternal Fire
The Cradle of Civilisation
The Lines of War
Follow the Gleam


  1. I think Indiana Jones breaks fewer laws and destroys fewer priceless artefacts as well. That's something I never thought I'd say!

    (I do love the show though - it's very good for doing drinking games when you want to get utterly plastered!!)

  2. Yeah I think I missed out on a lot by watching it alone and sober - my friends had a Bonekickers party later which sounded like really good fun, but I'd moved to Wales by then :(


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