Apologies for the slight delay with the latest blog post. I've come down with some nasty winter bug, so haven't been able to get a fresh post written up just yet. Normal service will resume shortly, and upcoming attractions will include a Couch Potato-style viewing of the Clive Owen-starring King Arthur featuring OldHousemate(theRomeone) and OldestMaleFriend, a review of the radio play of Lindsey Davis' Poseidon's Gold and a look at one of Star Trek's least finest hours (taboo-breaking kissing aside), 'Plato's Stepchildren'.

In the meantime, I thought I'd offer a few posts from the archives; some classic British comedy:
Yes, Minister: The Bed of Nails
Yes, Prime Minister: The National Education Service
The Brittas Empire: Not a Good Day
The Black Adder
Blackadder the Third
Blackadder: Back and Forth

And, in honour of Remembrance Sunday, World War One drama Joyeux Noel.


  1. Feel better soon! I look forward to reading what you have to say on King Arthur, other than the yumminess of certain actors involved in it... ;o)

  2. Speaking of Remembrance Day... I was thinking the other day they should have delayed the Downton Abbey broadcast by 2 weeks to make their episode coincide with this weekend! :p

    Can't believe we have to wait until September to see how the Abbey deals with the roaring '20s. *sigh* Why only 8 episodes??? grrr

  3. I was thinking the same thing about Downton! It seemed like weird timing. Looking forward to the Christmas episode though - I didn't realise there was one but it seems like there will be :)

  4. A Christmas episode?! That's news to me! Excellent news! I'll keep my eye out for it :o)

  5. Get well soon, Juliette! I don't comment often, but always enjoy your posts.


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