Xena: Warrior Princess

Classic mid-90s telefantasy show starring the ever-awesome Lucy Lawless as the Warrior Princess. I never watched this show at the time, so I'm catching up on it now. It's full of that wonderful innocence all those 90s adventure shows had, and is reminding me of happy hours spent watching Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as a teenager.

Season One
1.01 Sins of the Past
1.02 Chariots of War
1.03 Dreamworker
1.04 Cradle of Hope
1.05 The Path Not Taken and 1.06 The Reckoning
1.07 The Titans
1.08 Prometheus
1.09 Death in Chains
1.10 Hooves and Harlots
1.11 The Black Wolf
1.12 Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
1.13 Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards
1.14 A Fistful of Dinars
1.15 Warrior... Princess
1.16 Mortal Beloved
1.17 The Royal Couple of Thieves
1.18 The Prodigal
1.19 Altared States
1.20 Ties that Bind
1.21 The Greater Good and 1.22 Callisto
1.23 Death Mask
1.24 Is There a Doctor in the House?

Season Two
2.01 Orphan of War
2.02 Remember Nothing

2.16 For Him the Bell Tolls

Season Three
3.02 Been There, Done That

3.04 The Deliverer

3.11 Maternal Instincts
3.12 The Bitter Suite

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